when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

my liver and brain may never recover

recovering from the most outrageous weekend... well somewhat outrageous. reputation building. ending freshman year with a bang. spending the day curled up on my futon watching tv, the nights drinking on someone else's futon. setting records for highest number of lost memories (due to booze). well it may have been random, but none of it was pretending.

current favorite albums:

mates of state --- bring it back
cat power --- what would the community think
kind of like spitting --- the thrill of the hunt
eisley --- room noises
matt pond PA --- several arrows later

so waiting for monday, hoping that most of what transpired will be forgotten. somehow i have a feeling that i will be made fun of. a lot. but what are friends for... somehow though my best friends missed out on the trainwreck. maybe its for the best that they didn't have to witness that.

--- feeling like a bum is a perfect antidote for feeling like a slut ---

me and riley at the dragball for big gay weekend. at one point in the evening i was wearing an oxford shirt and a tie. i'm not sure where those went. but riley looks hott.

to do list:

--- write a postcard
--- confront
--- cut off all of my hair.