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Monday, March 20, 2006

la ti da

so. haven't updated in awhile. pretty typical. i got back to school last night after a rather harrowing all-night tryst with airborne transportation. went out to CJ's with the family around 7ish; arrived at the airport around 9 pm. my flight was delayed, but i was fine with that. anything to lessen my 5 hr layover in detroit. arrived in detroit around 5:45 am after restlessly trying to fall asleep on my 1st flight. no go. so sleep deprived and bored i finally made it home, and promptly napped for 4 hrs. i guess after the 3 hr mark it becomes more of a "sleep" and less of a "nap," especially since i woke up, watched gray's anatomy and wallace and gromit and then went back to bed. well i did manage to do my art history hw and skim pysch, so it wasn't all bad.

checked my mail today hoping to have all sorts of exciting things waiting for me from break. nothing except for the new course registration booklet. i feel like i just signed up for my courses. boo. and i have no real idea of what i want to take next semester, although i have a feeling that most of my schedule will be dominated by requirements, since i've been a little light on those the last 2 semesters (i can't believe that its been almost 2 semesters; well more like 1 and a half).

i have a lot to get done in the next 8 weeks, which paradoxically seems like an excrutiatingly long period of time before summer, but also a very short time frame to finish out the semester.


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