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Monday, February 27, 2006

some days you're the osteichthyes, some days you're the platyhelminthes

so my life sucks a lot right now. i went out on friday to the "anything but clothes party." on the phone, jen told me that three people weren't in costume (turns out only 3 were in costume, which didn't bode well for me and my little outfit). anyway it wasn't too bad. i stayed in saturday after studying all day, then had a snuggle/slumber party thing with ally and kelly and watched firefly (which is an amazing show, btw). then after staying up until about 2 last night, i was ready to hit the ground running with my two midterms today. have a huge french test tomorrow (and another conjugation quiz on wednesday; how nice of the mme). so not only does school life suck, but my personal life seems to have taken a bizarre turn, involving certain suddenly affectionate ex-boyfriends. go fucking figure. i need a break from reality, and its only monday.

and it took me like a week to remember the name of this curious little organism from middle school science class:

they're called planaria, by the way.


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