when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire...

Monday, February 27, 2006

some days you're the osteichthyes, some days you're the platyhelminthes

so my life sucks a lot right now. i went out on friday to the "anything but clothes party." on the phone, jen told me that three people weren't in costume (turns out only 3 were in costume, which didn't bode well for me and my little outfit). anyway it wasn't too bad. i stayed in saturday after studying all day, then had a snuggle/slumber party thing with ally and kelly and watched firefly (which is an amazing show, btw). then after staying up until about 2 last night, i was ready to hit the ground running with my two midterms today. have a huge french test tomorrow (and another conjugation quiz on wednesday; how nice of the mme). so not only does school life suck, but my personal life seems to have taken a bizarre turn, involving certain suddenly affectionate ex-boyfriends. go fucking figure. i need a break from reality, and its only monday.

and it took me like a week to remember the name of this curious little organism from middle school science class:

they're called planaria, by the way.

Friday, February 24, 2006

this one goes out to all of the grilled asians in the audience...

let the nostalgia continue... this is a brilliant example of my continuing procrastination. oh photoshop...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

you don't want to know what high and dry does for me...

listening to the first few emotionally strained chords of radiohead's exit music (for a film), i immediately think back to walking home from school, the fog drifting overhead, turning the vibrant city grey and sinking into the presidio. the pungent eucalyptus trees plunge down the hill by the snaking road home, their tops masked and enveloped by the swirling clouds. i hear the crunch of the fallen branches and pale woodchips underfoot, the wind whipping across from the ocean and into the slim dark trees, making the limbs groan and creak. this song accompanies every footstep as i walk further and further away - it is a song of departure.

Monday, February 20, 2006

just for ryan.

my mom emailed this photo to me this morning. unfortunately i don't have the original snowflakes, but here's a mocked up version to bring back the lovely memories of my highschool newspaper debut.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


so went to the first club lacrosse practice last night (9:30 - 11pm on a friday - i'm hella hardcore). at first i was really nervous because i didn't know anyone on the team, but then i met all of these really fun girls and we had a great time. i forgot how much i love lacrosse, and how happy it makes me. for the last couple of years, instead of having a great time and enjoying the game for what it is, i've been swept up in all of these bizarre abstractions of "fun" - stressing out over performance, winning, being a good captain, trying to be better than everyone. basically, i forgot what i really loved about the sport. and running endline to endline, making passes, catching on the fly, scoring last night, i sort of rediscovered one of my true passions in life.

after practice, i went to the midnight movie (wedding crashers) at the hamilton theater. for 3 dollars, you get a ticket and a piece of pizza (and a great time). riley, ally, pat and i went; and i didn't stop laughing the whole time. bully for good clean sober fun with friends.

Friday, February 17, 2006

baby its windy outside

From: Campus Distributions Sent: Fri 2/17/2006 9:28 AM
To: Colgate Students

Subject: Severe Wind Warning

Notice from Buildings & Grounds:

Please be aware that due to severe winds, flying debris from buildings, trees, etc. may cause potential personal injury. Please pay attention to your surroundings. Thank you.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

fuck stage directions

fuck writing.... here is my daily doodle and random photo from the molly files. see how many freudian themes you can pick up (its like a game! and some how i think that jon shia will really enjoy this. he has a good sense of "humour")

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


did i mention that i want a tattoo?


things that are going to cause molly to spontaneously combust in the next couple of days:
1. housing. my lottery number is 647 out of 700 and something. i want to die.

2. lacrosse. this would be fine if certain people would bother emailing me back about practice.
3. spring break. i am broke, as are my other friends. no glamourous vacation for me this year.

4. french. seriously. a paper, translations and two pages of exercises is not a normal hw load.

5. men. need i say more.

random photo:

the infamous starfish tackle. works every time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ho hum.

its 12:53 and for some magical reason, i have managed to finish my homework for my 1:20 and 2:45 classes (my only ones for today - bully!). i woke up early, finished my odyssey reading, which meant catching up 140 pages. i am surprised by how much i like the odyssey, given we are reading a newer, more colloquial translation, and not the classic lattimore. then i met with ally and gary ross (dean of admissions) for lunch at frank to chat and stuff. i busted through french afterwards (but its probably all wrong). oh well. watcha going to do.

in other news, its valentine's day. and it has yet to suck. which is also miraculous. hmm maybe this day isn't so bad after all.

and in keeping with my photo updates, here is one for today, to compliment the photo of the sun setting at stinson from a couple of days ago:

the view from my window of the woods and the field where people go smoke.

Monday, February 13, 2006


so its monday and i'm back on campus. the weekend was good (although i did some things i probably shouldn't have - but no regrets!). i kinda wished that we got snowed in, but we didn't get hit with the big storm, most likely because we're too far inland. anyway, my head hurts, and its almost valentine's day. so double ouch. i've always hated valentine's day (probably because i've always been single and that just sucks). but to those in couples: have a great day, but please don't flaunt it in the faces of the single-folk. love you all.

today's random photo from the molly files:

Friday, February 10, 2006

this was supposed to go with the last post but my computer is stupid and it didn't work.

and now for another random photo from the molly files:

sometimes i wish that hamilton, ny could look a little more like this.


ah! i'm really jittery right now and i don't really want to go to class. i'm really excited to peace out (and the meaningless intensifiers just keep coming...) its a little sad that this has been the focus of my whole week, but oh well. hopefully it won't be disappointing, or awkward (considering that i'll be hanging out for 48 hours in a small house with certain people).

and now for the weather: its pretty fucking cold. leaving western traditions, beth and i almost didn't make it from persson because the wind was blowing so hard - we had to walk backwards to avoid the stinging snow in our face. side note: something worse than a wet willy - stinging snow in your ears.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

hedonism, ho!

we are having another "experimental theater retreat" this weekend, and since we have nothing to really write yet, i have high hopes (sorry that's a terrible pun) that we will thoroughly enjoy ourselves. here's an article from yahoo! that exemplifies my sentiments towards the upcoming experimental extravaganza:

Girls Try Drugs, Alcohol at Higher Rates

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

snow, take V

so it started snowing again today, after it was completely clear this morning. last week i was flouncing around in a skirt (see previous posts) and now its around 20 degrees and blowing snow sideways. what a monday. actually today hasn't been too bad - i went for the randomly grab two shirts and wear them both look today, and i think it worked (i got comments ... not sure if thats a good sign). went down to phi delt to watch 24. i hate to say it, but i'm addicted. and i swear i've been down to the house everyday this week.

i feel compelled to mention something about the big cornell game. pretty much rolled down the hill around 2ish to get in line for tickets (they started handing them out around 5:30, so that was extra hardcore with a hangover). i waited with emily and steve and susan and friends, and quickly abandonned my psychology reading to play about 20 rounds of asshole. around 5 they started handing out free pizza. yay. we were the first ones in, so we got primo seats first row behind cornell's bench, and next to lucas, the master heckler. i have to say something about the line and getting into the rink - there were about 800 people in line trying to get in, and they all mobbed around us, trying to sneak in. i thought i was going to die. seriously.

so then we waited inside for another hour and a half for the game to begin, all the while taunting cornell's pep band and throwing big red gum on the ice. when the players came out, we threw more gum at cornell and someone threw a dildo that almost took out their goalie. so the ice cleaner men threw some gum back in the stands, and a frozen pack hit me in the head. i now have a gimundo bruise. long and short of it: we lost. it was intense. i never knew how much i liked hockey or cared for that matter. here are my favorite chants:

1. assssshole
2. fuck cornell (simple, to the point)
3. warm up the bus (this would be funnier if we won)
4. bullllllshit
5. SUNY, ithica
6. its all your fault (directly at the goalie after a goal)
7. where is waldo (at the cornell pep band and their red and white striped shirts)
8. you're all virgins (also at the cornell pep band)
9. mugford [cornell player], you're ugly
10. shafer's chaffing (the cornell coach... you had to be there)

i now feel like jon shia...

Monday, February 06, 2006

some choice photos of our room (for no particular reason...)

(my unmade bed with artsy black and white photos - vive la top bunk)

(our view of the woods, unfortunately after the snow melted, with my desk on the right)

(my beautifully messy desk and posters)

hit an all new low yesterday - i crashed the newman community (catholic group) football party with ally (who is actually on the newman board) and ate all of their cheetos. and helped myself to a sub. and to some tortilla chips. i'm going straight to hell.

Friday, February 03, 2006

the cynical optimist.

i'm not sure if i believe in fate. but i must say that it does offer an enticing comfort. standing outside of frank tonight, i was struck with a rare moment of clarity: that the events of the last couple of days were not a great "wronging" but some how a "righting." that the path that i had been on that had been altered severly and suddenly was for the better. that certain relationships had to end to allow others to begin. i realized that today was one of the happiest days that i have had this semester. i slept in, made the dean's list (to my surprise), it was sunny, i got an A+ on my french test, and i flounced around all day in my new favorite plum skirt and listened to all of my favorite songs on repeat. my overwhelming cynicism, while allowing me to see through certain bullshit excuses (pardon the ambiguity), had prevented me from seeing the truth of the situation.