when there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


so as i'm discovering, sleep is not completely necessary. although it felt great to break from my insomnia last night, and to actually feel weary in the morning. i never thought that i would be so happy to feel tired. but i was starting to worry about my bizarre lack of response to two hours of sleep. although i was delightfully neurotic all day.

its funny how everything can revolve around such a simple thing as sleep. although i did not feel physically effected by it, it kept popping into conversation, or i kept using it as an excuse for everything. anyway. naps are for the weak and if i'm not dead by the end of the week, the sexual tension will knock me out during the weekend.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


i'm home! yay!

Friday, November 18, 2005

thanks leigh anne

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

le cancre

Il dit non avec la tête
mais il dit oui avec le cœur
il dit oui à ce qu’il aime
il dit non au professeur
il est debout
on le questionne
et tous les problèmes sont posés
soudain le fou rire le prend
et il efface tout
les chiffres et les mots
les dates et les noms
les phrases et les pièges
et malgrc les menaces du maître
sous les huées des enfants prodiges
avec les craies de toutes les couleurs
sur le tableau noir du malheur
il dessine le visage du bonheur

- jacques prévert

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

high school

thought that i would just sum up my high school experience in one choice photo from graduation:

Sunday, November 13, 2005

new york!

i love ny! i just had the most amazing, quintessential new york night. we left at 12 (after tailgate, where everyone made fun of me for my prancing/running during complete wrks) and drove for 5 hours. i was worried about the ride being awkward, but this one kid talked the whole time and none of us could get a word in edge-wise. he talked for 8/9 hours out of the 10 hours we were on the road. no joke. and all during intermission. aaahhh! extistentialist hell.

so we arrive in new york, and i run around the fountain outside of the lincoln center looking for jon, tiff and amelie. they got me presents! yay! it was very very sweet. so we run off in the direction of bergdorf goodman's and barney's. i realized how much i miss being in an urban environment, with real strangers. in hamilton, you'll run into people that you've never met before, but you know that they are somehow affiliated with the university. in new york, you have no idea where they come from, who they are, and its great. bully for strangers!

so bergdorf goodman blew my mind. it was the most amazing store. classy, gorgeous - i'm going to marry rich just so i can shop there. or something.

so we went to barney's next, and jon dragged us up to housewares, even though we didn't really want to go. but i'm glad we did! i see this scrawny, weird looking guy. and i kept looking at him, kinda sketched out, and wondering why the girl with him would want to go out with him. then jon grabs me and says that its drew barrymore with her boyfriend from the strokes. holy shit. jon and i calmly walk around, and pass within several inches of her, seated in the children's toy section.

so if that wasn't amazing enough, we went to this great italian restaurant, very new york and had a great dinner. then amelie and i left for aida.

the opera was amazing. very stylized and extravagent, polished and well coreographed. devoid of any deeper political meaning, and somewhat shallow, but still beautifully moving. the set changes were mind-blowing. reminds me of the model in the musee d'orsay of the paris opera house. anyway. it was an amazing evening. i feel cultured now.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

general update

class registration is tonight; unfortunately all of the science classes that i want to take have waitlists. like all of them (astronomy, intro to oceanography, psyc personality and social science). but everything else is money (advanced french grammar and composition, intro to art history, and western traditions with ally.

other news: snow flurries today. its cold again. but i was bored last night and knit a hat (damn cute too - i figured out how to purl, make a stripe and add a tassel). yeah i made a hat in less than 3 hours. i guess i'm kinda a nerd. plus i've started obsessively doing the crossword.
any requests for knit goods - just send me the yarn you want me to use and tell me if you want a hat, scarf or both. i'm working on expanding my repetoire; i can also make ponchos (but they're kinda funny looking).

hmm what else... aida this weekend! with jon and tiff! i can't wait to see them, nyc, the real world, a metropolis, sushi, culture, basically everything.
i also can't wait for our racy experimental theater retreat next weekend. woohoo thats going to be a barrel of explicit monkeys.

pictures: me; ally and pat (from bandfest); ally; dan.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

extra! extra!

Fake trees turn Christmas on its head

Ryan-style, I have decided to put up a link to an article - the kind of news that I like to read on occasion. This one is particularly disturbing.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

band names

the cleft phones (inspired by my recent phone casualty)
dank (inspired by the curious odor in kevin's car)